This place is electric. The design of the whole place is very beautiful and homey. When you get here, it is hard to not be in a party mood. Add the food to that and you can expect a perfect night ahead of you. Make sure to come here with your friends and family and you’ll surely have a pleasant time. Been there, done that, so I know.


What is amazing about PB Station is how versatile it is. It can function as a regular restaurant when you want it and a bar when you prefer it that way. It is a combination of both without the bar being overwhelming. On a regular bar and restaurant, sometimes it is annoying how the bar side can be over the top and overwhelming. All the dancing and the loud music can be stressful. But here, the situation is far from that. In fact, the atmosphere here is very calming. You’d love coming here to relax and just enjoy the night.


PB Station is located inside a hotel. For you to be able to imagine it more clearly, this place is like a sky bar. You have a beautiful scene in your backdrop as you drink your troubles away. My friends and I frequent this place and so far, we have not encountered any bad experiences. The crowd is great. I usually meet a lot of people whenever I am in the area. We engage into some fun and at the end of the night, there are those people I can even call as friends. This place is really nice.


This is not anymore a new place but what is distinct is that they offer many different dishes every time. I especially love their pavlova which is rich in flavor and without being too sweet. You should try their desserts because they are the best.