Q. Do you accept reservations? If so, how to reserve?
A. For reservations, you can easily head to the ‘Reserve Now’ tab and reserve your place. You just need to key-in there the date of the reservation and also the time. Please do not forget to indicate for how many the seats you are reserving. Take note that we implement strict regulations when it comes to the reservations. Kindly be at the restaurant 15 minutes before the designated time. Otherwise, your reservation will be forfeited to guests who are in the waitlist. Other ways to reserve is by sending us an email. Please note that when you are able to successfully reserve a seat, you are going to receive a confirmation email.

Q. Do we need an account before we can access this page?
A. Having an account is not anymore necessary unless you are looking to engage with our other guests and customers at the Forum page of this website. Otherwise, you are free to access all of the pages we have here.

Q. Do we need to pay for a membership upon signing up for your newsletter?
A. Signing up for our newsletter is FREE. No need to pay for anything. Your credit card or other financial details will not be asked as well. All you need is to have a valid email address and you are good to go. Whenever we are going to have an update, expect that it will come directly to your email. In that way, you can be more informed.

Q. Do you cater for vegans?
A. We do have food choices here exclusively for vegans. We make sure that each individual who comes to our place will enjoy themselves and would have the best time here. Just tell our waitstaff about it so they can immediately give you the choices you require.