Your Typical Gastropub in the Heart of the City

When you talk of one of the best bars in Florida, among the bars that will make it to your list will be PB Station. Not only it is beautiful in a classic, comfortable, and homey manner, it is also a place where you can enjoy a variety of food and drinks. As such, it is not anymore surprising how many people frequent this place on a regular basis. 

They drive out of their garage door in Tampa just to come here. This has become an instant favorite from the time it started and was even featured in many different magazines and periodicals. In fact, it even garnered many different awards from all the ingenuity they apply in their food, drinks, and even services.


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One thing very distinct about PB Station is that their services

No matter how busy the bar and restaurant can get, the waitstaff here is very attentive to the needs customers. They do not make them wait for too long and they are well-trained as they integrate into the role of being a host/hostess for the night. They provide good entertainment in this place as well which would force you to relax especially after a rough day.

Open at SUn and Sat

If you arrive here during Fridays and Saturdays, you’d be happy to be surrounded by live music. The genre of the music varies depending on the night’s theme but of course, the preferences of the customers are always taken into consideration.
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The live performers even accept requests in-between their set gig to provide satisfaction to the guests. Of course, all throughout the night, you can just jam with them or dance with the beat together of the many guests who frequent the area. You’ll have a lot of fun in this place, that is something that you can be assured of.

Amazing dinner

PB Station is very popular because of the bar it operates at night. It gives off a nice ambiance without being too much. The music is always tasteful and the overall vibe the place exudes is relaxing. This is especially a nice hangout place after a long day or a long working hour. But that is not all there is to see in this place because PB Station serves Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner too.

Place for whole family

American Theme

The main theme is American but from time to time you can find here additional dishes too. You’d be surprised that they even serve waffle all throughout the day so even if you missed breakfast, coming here would instantly remedy that.

Amazingly Cheap

What more can you expect? Rib eye is on the menu too, together with steak and a variety of salad. Do not forget to have a taste of the typical American dining which is composed of a greasy burger and fries. This is a great ensemble to accompany a handcrafted brew that is made especially for PB Station by a local brewery.

Traveling to Florida?

Make sure to visit PB Station on your next travel to Florida. This is something that you should not miss out on with the variety of food and drinks that would fit even your soul.

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