What Is A Good Size Room For A Home Gym

Exercising at home is a good idea for people who are always committed in their daily work schedules and hardly get time to make it to the nearby gym in town.

They find it convenient just doing their workouts from home. However the greatest challenge comes about getting a perfect design for your gym at home.

Estimating the room size required how to organize the various gym equipment in the room and the spacing of these workout tools requires much attention. Your gym room size depends on several factors including your workout needs, the available space, and the budget estimates for setting up a gym at home.

Space considerations


Once you have decided on the location where you want to set up your gym, you may now make some space estimates to get the exact size of your room. Some equipment such as the treadmill, the rowing machines and the free heights Machines may require much space and there is need to make such considerations while deciding on the size of the room.

Some gym equipment has bigger heights and you therefore need to check ceiling height before you can finally acquire the tools. navigate to this website for more information on gym workouts.

Square footage

The size of the gym machines should help you decide on the perfect size you need for your workouts.

•Treadmill -covers about 30 square feet of the floor space.

•stair climber-This doesn’t occupy most if the floor space and may take about 10-20 square feet depending on your workout needs.


•Elliptical trainer-The machines covers a bigger space of 30 square feet.

•Rowwing machine may take 20 square feet.

•Free weights requires 20-50 square feet.

For such equipments you may need a room size of probably 11×13′ . This should provide enough floor space and also accommodate the people who will working out from the gym.

Once you identify your workout needs, you will be able to know the type of equipments that you need hence cone up with a perfect room size for your workouts at home.