Can You Get High At A Hookah Bar

Miami hookah bar

Hookah is the pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco mixed with honey and molasses. It is often mistaken for the content. It does not make anyone high, but it’s fun. After taking a few puffs, you may feel light-headed or just relaxed. The feeling differs from person to another and the amount consumed.

Group of young friends relaxing in shisha club-bar

Most people who visit a miami hookah bar once in a while admit being hooked to the environment. The smoke travels via the pipe exotically. The water bubbles buzz rhythmically with every puff and there is always beautiful music playing in the background along with conversations, and laughter permeating the atmosphere.

The different flavors of tobacco smoked in a bar entwine creating a magnificent scent. All these makes the environment in a hookah bar entertaining.

The hookah dates hundreds of years ago since its invention. It was initially used in the Middle East before moving to the United States and other parts of the world. It is most popular with young people, including high school and college students. But, most people who smoke shisha are college students. This is because they love group events held in bars and lounges.


Smoking a lot of shisha can cause abdominal discomfort and especially when done on an empty stomach. A hookah is lit with coals and can give the user slight headache and a nauseous feeling.

To most people, hookah smoking is more of a social situation and will not desire to have unless they are with their friends. However, you should see a doctor if you feel like you are addicted to shisha, There are cessation programs for smokers that can help you out.

Avoid sharing the mouthpieces at all time. It can spread infections; so always ask for an unused mouthpiece for each person in your group.