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By Shayna Batya for The Taste Guide


The first thing that comes to mind when discussing Miami design is the famed Art Deco style. Miami’s collection of Art Deco is unlike any other city in the world. So much so, there are laws that prohibit the destruction of these 1920’s gems. Recently, there has been a huge influx of hotel renovations. These old but new hot spots have opened their doors not only to tourists, but also locals, as some of the best food in the city can be found inside these restored pieces of history.




Many people think that Miami Beach is the only place to find great examples of Art Deco, but this isn’t the case. Art Deco style can be found all over Miami, especially in the MiMo (Miami Modern) District. This historical district is home to many motels that were the place to be back in the 50’s.


Heading back over the bridge to mainland Miami is The Langford Hotel. It’s a one-of-a-kind hotel in Downtown that was once The Miami National Bank. Originally built in 1925, it was restored with its past era in mind. The lobby houses beautifully preserved features like marble and gold molding, the original elevators, and a classic mailbox. Stepping foot into The Langford is a true time warp.


The hotel has a place to eat and a place to drink, and both establishments are run by The Pubbelly Boys, a group of chefs who share a chain of incredible eateries all over Miami.


Upstairs is a unique rooftop bar, Pawn Broker, with artistically crafted drinks. And downstairs you’ll find PB Station, an American inspired restaurant that feels as if you’re dining on a train platform.


The yellowtail tacos are just one of the favorites on the menu.


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