Pubbelly Station | Chef Ford’s Culinary Guide to Miami
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Chef Ford’s Culinary Guide to Miami

In Goop


In cities like Miami, where the food scene is largely dominated by hotel restaurants, it can be difficult for outsiders to separate the truly great menus from the more standard hotel-style fare. Below, the talented Chef Jeremy Ford of the EDITION Hotel’ s amazing Matador (he ‘s also responsible for the dishes at our Miami road-to-table event) separates the good from the great, and shares the places he trusts for the best local produce, coffee, Cuban sandwiches, and more.


PB Station


The Langford Hotel, 121 SE 1st St. | 305.420.2200

On my night off, I head to one of the restaurants from PB Station—I always love to check out what José Mendín is doing and see what flavors he is playing with. It doesn’t hurt that their rooftop bar, Pawn Broker, is just upstairs!




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