Pubbelly Station | Prism Tastes: Pawn Broker & PB Station at The Langford
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Prism Tastes: Pawn Broker & PB Station at The Langford

In Prism


Consensus: Subtle yet flavorful, and locally-driven, both Pawn Broker and PB Station are yet another out-of-the-park win for The Pubbelly Boys and the city of Miami.


Few people have established as cohesive a presence in Miami’s food scene as The Pubbelly Boys have worked hard to create. Each of their outposts are equally as confidently themed, equally as experiential, equally as delicious. It may not be on the menu, but the welcoming staff and atmosphere is served in barrels, making you feel at ease almost instantly. This is what we came expecting when we entered their newest concepts at the newly restored Langford Hotel in Downtown, and spoiler alert: we were not disappointed.


Nestled amongst the bustling streets of Downtown Miami, The Langford hotel has become the city’s first truly historic hotel being built in 1925 and listed on the National Register for Historic Places. It’s nostalgic elegance and Beaux-Arts facade create a portal into what was once the glamour that founded Miami in the first place. Marble walls, vintage wallpaper, bell hops in newsboy hats, The Langford has refreshed our city with a tropical-meets-glamorous charm. But aside from the shelves of knick knacks and black-and-white photography, the hotel holds many hidden gems just waiting to be savored. So let’s get to it.


Up first is Pawn Broker, easily the best kept secret of Miami’s financial district. Another Pubbelly Boys creation, Pawn Broker’s prohibition-style charm inspires you the moment you step out of the elevator onto the penthouse watering hole. It’s simple, it’s to the point, and it doesn’t think anymore of itself than it should. Just chic enough to feel the detachment you need with an afternoon drink, the bar boasts a thematically entrancing vintage indoor counter adjacent to the diamond of the location: the rooftop. For a city so proud of its weather and views, we really can’t think of many good rooftop hangs in Miami. At least none that captures a local vibe as well as this one.


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